VIRTUS Safe Environment Statement

Our children are one of our greatest gifts and it is important that we maintain safe environments for them.  It is a requirement of our Diocese that anyone who wishes to volunteer in parish/youth activities where they will be around our youth (PSR volunteer, school volunteer, mission group, youth groups, field trips, etc), must attend a VIRTUS session and have a background check completed.  Attendance at a VIRTUS session is required prior to volunteeringYou will not be allowed to volunteer at St. James where children/youth are present until you have completed the VIRTUS session and a background check has been completed.  Training sessions are scheduled throughout the diocese as well as at St. James as needed.

*Kevin & Janice Bogner   316-640-5295

Social Outreach

Augusta Community Caring Center

Members of St. James assist at the Augusta Caring Center on a scheduled basis. The purpose of the center is to provide emergency assistance to people who are in need.

Susan Smeltzer 316-775-7946  Email: asmeltzer@cox.net

Angie Watson 316-775-3067  Email: rvcfaiw@gmail.com

Cub/Boy Scouts
Boys gain leadership skills, share in family projects, strengthen their faith, and get to experience the outdoor activities. All boys 1st through 5th grade may join. Members meet on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Thursday of each month September through May.

Contact: Marlin Gwaltney 316-775-0865

Lord’s Diner Volunteers
The Lord’s Diner was a ministry began by Bishop Gerber to provide one hot meal a day to the hungry.  He never thought that it would grow into the ministry it is today.  Between 2000 and 3000 are fed every night at two permanent locations and two food trucks that provide box suppers.  Obviously there is a great need for this service and it is staffed by volunteers.    St. James has two groups that volunteer every month, one on the first Monday and one on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  In order to volunteer at the diner, everyone needs to take a food handlers class, there is no charge for this class.

Contact: Rose Ridder 316-775-2365  Email: ridderw@yahoo.com

Parish Adult Slow Pitch Softball
Teams play other church teams in Augusta during the summer months. Anyone 15 years or older may play on the St. James team.

Contact: Looking for Leadership

Prison Volunteer/St. Mismas Ministry to the Incarcerated
“When I was in prison you visited Me.” Matthew 25:36 We try to fulfill mandate of Jesus by visiting the sick, worshiping and sharing scripture with Catholic men and woman in prisons and jails. We assist with the Catholic Adult education and RCIA.

Contact: Mary Rubeck 316-778-1939  Email: MRubeck@aol.com

Respect Life/Social Justice
The Respect Life Social Justice Committee of St. James in light of the Gospel message of peace and justice, seeks to enlighten and empower our faith community, to seek a greater respect for all human life, a more just society and promote human development, through witness, education, formation and action.

Contact: Terri MacKay 316-747-2104

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
The members of this society strive to perform the task of helping and befriending the poorest among us, quietly, and in the dark. You can play your part in our mission by your generous donations or by taking an active role in the mission.

Contact: Linda Williams 316-775-3088