Altar Server

Assist Father at all liturgies including funerals, weddings, Holy Days, Sundays and weekday mass. All boys and girls fourth grade and older are encouraged to serve.


Don Gerstenkorn 316-775-3167  Email: dongerstenkorn@att.net 

Wendy Becker 316-772-3351  Email: kwbecker9528@sbcglobal.net

Church Decor/Art and Environment
Work to enhance the beauty of the environment for worship.

Contact: Mike and Johnna Smith 316-775-9248  Email: mpjfsmith@gmail.com

Parishioners greet all before Mass, help with offertory collection, assist congregation during Mass if needed and pass out bulletins.

Contact: Michelle Poore 316-775-3858  Email: jmpoore50@gmail.com

Instrumental, Vocalist and Cantors
The music ministry works to enhance Mass by providing music. Members are often asked to participate in weddings, funerals, Holy Days and liturgical occasions. Choirs are available for children grades 3-12, Angel Choir for retired adults and St. James Parishioners.

Contact: Mary Smith 316-619-5907  Email: msmith@usd402.com

Proclaim the Word of God. These individuals convey a familiarity with the readings for Mass and convey a high regard for Liturgy of the Word.

Contact: Church Office 775-2155

Youth Mass Committee

As an answer to the parish call to cultivate disciples of Jesus Christ and provide our youth/young adults with a strong spiritual foundation and stewardship training, this committee seeks to more fully involve our youth and young adults in the liturgical aspects of the Mass – Music Ministry, Lectors, Hospitality.  This group will be responsible for carrying out all functions of the Sunday celebration on the “5th Sunday” of any month.

*Patti Neeley 316-640-4730