Parish Maintenance

Cemetery Mowing

This ministry is to maintain and beautify our parish cemetery grounds.  Calvary Cemetery is located approximately one mile east of St. James Church on Belmont Avenue.  The mowing crew meets on Wednesday at 6:00 pm and mows weekly (or as needed) throughout the growing season.

*Alan Schneider 775-3634

Facility Maintenance

We provide electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, furniture repair, floor maintenance, sprinkler watering control systems, filter changing and other maintenance services at St. James.

*Mike Hughes  775-3024

*Bill Ohman  775-5089

Parish Mowing

Volunteers are needed to mow the church grounds.  Volunteers with knowledge of watering systems are also needed.

*Robert Reid  775-5790 Or Email Robert

Parish Snow Removal

This ministry is to clear snow from the church grounds and sidewalks during inclement weather for the safety of our parishioners and school children.  Members of this ministry

are assigned to a snow/ice removal crew during the winter months that rotate on a

weekly basis.

*Alan Schneider  775-3634